Hard at Work!

imageThe Grade 3’s were very focused during our Mock EQAO testing this morning.  They wrote one section of Language this morning, and they will write one section of math this afternoon.

I will send home their marked sample tests for you to see next week.

Our grade 3 EQAO testing will take place during first block from May 25th to June 1st. There are 4 sections of language to write and 2  sections of math.   We will write 1 section each morning for 6 days.

You can help by ensuring your child comes to school on time and is well rested and nourished.

Our grade 4 students will be spending the EQAO testing periods with Mr. Smith’s grade 4 and 5 class.

Please let me know if you have any questions!


Ssshhhh….it’s a secret!

As requested, I’ve posted the music for the secret dance that the kids have been learning with Mademoiselle.

They will need to log in to D2L to get it.  See link above, or go to gedsb.elearningontario.ca

Students should have their at home D2L logins in the front of their agendas, but if not, they only need to remember their school computer username and password and use them as described below:

Username: username@granderie.ca (students insert their school computer username)

Password: students insert the password the same as they would on the school computers

Have fun!

Two Outdoor Science Field Trips!

We have back to back Outdoor Education/Science field trips coming up!

On Thursday, May 19th, we will be heading to Mohawk Park (with Mr. Smith’s class) for the 2016 Brantford/Brant Children’s Water Festival (no cost for us).

Water Festival 2016 info

Water Festival Consent Form

Water Festival Website

On Friday, May 20th, we will head up to Middleport to Planting Seeds of Hope, where we will participate in an Integrated Science and Outdoor Education program ($5 per student to cover some of the  busing cost…rest paid by the school…thank you!).

Planting Seeds of Hope Trip Info

Planting Seeds of Hope Consent Form

Planting Seeds of Hope Website

See the attachements above for more info and consent forms.  Visit the websites to learn a bit more about the programs.

Please let us know if you are available to volunteer!

Math Unit Test

On Thursday, May 5th we will be having a Number Sense unit test.  The topics that will be covered are:

  1. Representing Numbers using:

-Place Value and Base Ten models

-Number words and numerals

-Expanded form

  1. Comparing Numbers

-greater/less than

-making greatest/least numbers with given digits

  1. Addition and Subtraction

-up to 3 digits (Grade 3) or 4 digits (Grade 4)

-with and without regrouping (should be able to explain and show regrouping)

-Parts and Totals

-Word Problems

  1. Multiplication


-relating multiplication and addition

-Word problems

  1. Money

– Counting coins

-Using least number of coins

-Making change

  1. (Grade 4’s Only) Rounding and Estimating

-Rounding to the nearest 10, 100 and 1000

-Using rounding to estimate sums and differences


We have already practiced these topics extensively in group lessons and independent work.

We will be reviewing and practicing the material for the test this week and next.  In addition, students may prepare at home by reviewing their jump math workbook and practicing problems which seem unfamiliar or caused them some trouble.

Prodigy Math will also be programmed to provide review questions.  Please let me know if a particular area seems to be a problem for your child, and I can provide worksheets, or make prodigy assignments to practice that skill.

This was a huge unit, so practicing early will be very important.

Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns.


Mrs. Reading

Glenhyrst Field Trip

Thank you to Michelle and Yvonne at Glenhyrst Art Gallery for a great Art experience!

We started in a workshop with Michelle where we experimented with contour line drawings.  The only trick was…we couldn’t lift our markers off of the page, and we couldn’t look at what we were doing!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Next, we used what we learned about a continuous line to plan and create our wire sculptures.  We installed our sculptures in a plant pot and planted some seeds, so with some care, our pieces will be a fusion of natural and man-made art as our plants become intertwined with our sculptures!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Upstairs in the main gallery, Yvonne guided us on a tour where we competed in teams to answer quiz questions about the art and artists in each of the rooms we visited.

Thank you again to the Glenhyrst Art Gallery for a great learning experience!

Mileage Club Helpers


This year, students from our class will have the opportunity to be helpers with the School’s Mileage Club.  Mileage club is a non-competitive walk/run program that will run at first recesses from April 4th to May 31st.

Helpers will be responsible for helping to run the program with a partner one recess per week.

Please send in the consent form below if your child would like to be a Mileage Club Helper this year.

mileage club helper