Mental Math: Add by Making 10

Hello young Mathematicians!  We used a new way of thinking to solve addition questions over the last few days.  Whenever we bend our brain a new way, it can take some time and extra practice to get it!  Here are some resources that may help….

Remember…excercising our brains makes us smarter!!!

Step 1: If you would like help understanding how to make 10, here is a link to a few Khan Academy lessons and activities to help you see how pairs of numbers can add together to make 10:

Making Ten Lessons and Practice

Step 2: Play this game to practice choosing 2 numbers that add to 10:

Make Ten Practice Game

Step 3: Watch the video and take the practice quiz on how to add by making 10:

Video: How to Use Make Ten to Add

Quiz: Adding By Making 10

Step 4: Watch this lesson on how to use the mental math strategy of “Adding by Making the next 10”

How to Add by Making the next 10

If you’d like some more worksheets to practice the mental math strategy of “Make Ten”, just ask Mrs. Reading!


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