Desire To Learn (d2l)

The students began to use our classroom Desire to Learn (d2l) website today.  D2l is a login/password secured online platform that our school board has chosen to use to facilitate e-learning in our classrooms.  It provides us with several interesting tools for learning.  The “News” section will be used to post instructions, media and website links for assignments, as well as pictures and updates on happenings in our classroom.  The “Discussion” tool will facilitate online discussions about content we are covering in class.  The “Calendar” tool is kept up to date with class/school events.  The “Activity Backpack” contains links to websites that we will use regularly in class and at home.  I am continually finding new ways for d2l to enhance our learning!

I have put a sticker containing your child’s login/password information for this site on the first page of their agendas.  Go to the following website and use the login info to check out the pictures of our “PAT” today!

D2L Website


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